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"If we want a strong Africa in the future, we must lay its foundation on our indigenous knowledge in all areas of our lives.... We will borrow ideas and skills from others since we live in an inter-dependent world... but if we are in possession of our minds, what we borrow will come to enrich and embellish what we already have and not supplant it" Opoku, 1999...

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria (A.H.F.N.) is an independent, non-political and non-profit organization based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria and dedicated to examining the full range of socio-political, historical and technological factors that influence African culture and heritage across the world.
  • About Us

    African Heritage Foundation Nigeria, AHFN is an independent, non political and non-profit organization ...

  • Our Core Values

    The projects in the African Heritage foundation of Nigeria are designed to advance African cultural heritage and indigenous ...

  • Vision Statement

    To be a frontliner in the services of humanity and cultural re-orientation worldwide.


African Heritage Foundation Nigeria Programmes

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria (A.H.F.N.) consists of the Members of the Board of Trustees, Members and Executive Management Committees.
Humanitarian and Charity Projects

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria (A.H.F.N.) renders support to victims of war and natural disasters by sending relief materials like food, clothing, mobile shelter etc. to them.

Training and Sensitization

We organize regular public enlightenments and sensitization workshops for those involved in humanitarian and rallies to draw local and international attention to the plight of victims of wars and natural disasters.


We organize orphanages for children who lost their parents through wars and natural disaster and those orphaned through other means.

Special Award

We honor those who have distinguished themselves in different areas of endeavors with the Knight of African Awards. The members shall hold general meetings on such as may be determined by the Board of Trustees or upon the application of at least two members.


To publish regular quarterly annual reports on humanitarian, social and environmental conditions of victims of wars and natural disasters in different parts of the African continent.

Early Warning System

To establish a research, oriented structure that would take proactive measures in alerting and advising relevant officials and institution responsible and civil disturbance.

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