"If we want a strong Africa in the future, we must lay its foundation on our indigenous knowledge in all areas of our lives.... We will borrow ideas and skills from others since we live in an inter-dependent world... but if we are in possession of our minds, what we borrow will come to enrich and embellish what we already have and not supplant it" Opoku, 1999...

About Us

About African Heritage Foundation Nigeria

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria, AHFN is an independent, non political and non-profit organization based in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria and dedicated to examining the full range of socio-political, historical and technological factors that influence African culture and heritage across the world.
The provision of humanitarian and charitable support services to victims of war and natural calamities in African as well as such other endeavors that contribute to the upliftment of mankind.


African culture is quickly going into oblivion as a result of imported culture from the western world, from dressing, dancing, language, religious, food etc. the stories are the same - invasion. These must be revitalization and restoration of our dying cultures in the African continents and Diaspora.

African Heritage Foundation Nigeria is a divine mandate given to the President of AHFN Nathaniel ODUDELE, Esq., to carry out the project of humanitarian services and promotion of African culture worldwide. The foundation was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on Nov. 12, 2008. The Certificate of Registration whose Number is CAC/IT/NO30139 was signed by the Registrar-General of the Federation, A. Almustapha.

African continent is ranked the least developed continent in the world. The reason is not far fetched. The problem of slavery that carried away the best brains of African people to Europe and America is one factor that remains indelible in the minds of Africans today. Another issue is colonization which helped to cart away most of the mineral resources of the African continent to the countries that colonized them. Then came the issue of desertification which has converted the arable lands to desert, famine and desolation became the order of the day in African. The other issue is bad leadership, most of the African leaders both dead and living were only interested in themselves and families and their misrule had brought about untold hardship and suffering to Africans. War and natural calamities have also contributed to the suffering of Africans as most Africans are permanently displaced. There is no part of Africa one visit today that one will not be moved with pity because of the sufferings of the African people. For this reason, the average life span of an African is calculated to be forty-seven years while that of the developed countries like Europe, America, and Asia is about sixty- five to seventy years. What a great difference? Africa from history is the citadel of civilization, but that is a forgotten issue now as it is now the centre of ruins and desolation. For all these reasons African Heritage Foundation Nigeria supports victims of both natural disasters and other calamities with humanitarian services to ameliorate their sufferings.

Volunteerism, the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the motivation of financial gain, is a central tenet of AHFN’s programmes. AHFN cannot achieve its humanitarian assistance and charity vision without the commitment, energy a capacity of volunteers. The pace in which we achieve results and the type of leadership programmes we implement can be attributed largely to the meaningful contributions of volunteers. However, our model of volunteerism is much broader than the simple service of volunteers. We recognize and foster the reciprocal nature of volunteering – that the individual who volunteers is changed by the experience and subsequently, as an organization we have a responsibility to support and foster learning and skill development. AHFN will engage the less privileged, women and other individual, professional volunteers, as well as groups who are looking to volunteer together. AHFN will be a leader in volunteer programmes, providing a broad range of opportunities to committed and talented individuals who can make a difference in humanitarian assistance and charity programmes and activities.

The African Heritage Foundation Nigeria’s office structure consists of the following:-


  • Foreign Affairs Unit
  • Inter-organizational Unit

      • Human Relief Unit
      • Administration and Finance
      • Project Management Department
      • Department for African Culture
      • Award and Research Department

To root the African people in their cultural heritage through social and economic development,hence they share the rich culture of Africans through beauty of Arts in human nature;and to adhere to our believe that ''every human being has a precious life of equal value and with self confidence"

To instill/restore self-supporting livelihood to people stricken with hardship due to conflicts/disasters wherein use education, corporate experience and love to make profound changes in the lives of people and to commit a practical demonstration and display of universal human love upon which human essence is founded,particularly on charity and humanitarian activities.

A team aligned with corporate strategy-one that understand in clear terms,organization plans,strategies,benchmarks,and targets as well as paths to take to reach intended destinations;world view.

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