"If we want a strong Africa in the future, we must lay its foundation on our indigenous knowledge in all areas of our lives.... We will borrow ideas and skills from others since we live in an inter-dependent world... but if we are in possession of our minds, what we borrow will come to enrich and embellish what we already have and not supplant it" Opoku, 1999...




African Heritage Foundation Nigeria is a non-profit organization championing the cause of African heritage, culture, and tradition both in Africa and Diaspora and will strive to bring people of African descent and heritage of diverse nationalities together under a forum for social and cultural interaction.

The African Heritage Knight Award (in collaboration with The Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Abuja, Nigeria and the Global Green Development Group, Inc, USA.) will feature the following:

  • - Celebration of African Role Model.
  • - Honouring Distinguished African Sons and Daughters.
  • - Endowing true patriots of Africa and Africans.
  • - Identifying core Corporate and viable organizations.
  • - Promoting interpersonal Relationship.


AFRICA remains one of the more endowed places in the WORLD and the people of AFRICA can show the WORLD the real GLORIES of AFRICA. This PROJECT is designed to expose Africa’s SUNSHINE, VIGOUR, VITALITY, GOOD HEALTH, HOPE and above all, FAITH – to the whole world.

The Youth of AFRICA are organised under this PROJECT to demonstrate their RARE and UNBEATABLE Spirits as ENTREPRENEURS, INNOVATORS, INVENTORS, ARTISTES, DANCERS, CRAFTSMEN, DESIGNERS, etc. etc. The Curriculum of Evaluating the participants and contestants in this Project are the set Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, of the United Nations.

The MOTIVE for the DESIGN of this Project is to collectively POOL countrywide RESOURCES in achieving the set SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS of the United Nations with the instrumentality of Country Peer-Review, Economies of Scale as well as Industrialisation-by-Acculturation and Peer Education Advantages to mention only a few.

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